Mediation Center Suites

Mediation Center Suites

The Shreveport Bar Center invites you to take advantage of our meeting facilities. The Shreveport Bar Center Mediation Suites is designed to meet and exceed dispute resolution and presentation needs. It is a preferred venue for mediations, depositions, and meetings in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.

The goal of the Shreveport Bar Center is to provide users the opportunity to settle their disputes in an informal and confidential setting. Rather than having to litigate in court, the Center lets parties gather in a geographically central location in a cost and time-effective way. This convenience, coupled with helpful support staff and amenities, fosters collaborative and productive neutrality.

The layout of the facility also makes it the perfect locale for meetings and presentations. Our service-orientation and the comfortable atmosphere of the Center will assist in reducing the stress of all involved parties. We welcome you into our building and promise to optimize your experience.


1st Floor(Seminar / Reception Room)

Full Day
$400 (Member Rate) / $600 (Non-Member rate)

Half Day
$300 (Member Rate) / $400 (Non-Member rate)

Set-Up (includes table set-up & linens)
Classroom 35 people
Reception 60 people

Room Set-Up Fee $25
Linens (White) $22 per table
Table Skirt $22 per table

($100 Cleaning Fee will be added if the room is not left in the condition it was found)

2nd Floor (Mediation Center)

Mediation Center: (Full Day)
(All rooms are $150 for Members, $250 for Non-Members)

Main Conference Room: Accommodates 12-14 people
Conference Room 1(202A): Accommodates 4 people 
Conference Room 2 (202B): Accommodates 4 people 
Conference Room 3 (202C): Accommodates 8 people 
Conference Room 4 (202D): Accommodates 10 people

Beverage Service: An option @ $2 per person and will be available throughout the day.

Copy Machine: A flat rate of $15 for the first 100 pages and .15 per page thereafter.

If you have other needs please call the Shreveport Bar Center to customize your event needs and pricing.